Pat Greene

Pat Greene is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience is the residential mortgage industry.  He is a skilled manager experienced in the development of business strategies that lead to business process change and technology implementation. 
Pat manages and oversees RiskSpan’s services for managing model risk and model validation.  He supports numerous clients in the residential mortgage industry and was instrumental in RiskSpan’s initiative to enhance a suite of valuation tools that provide analytics and risk reporting for whole loan mortgages.  Pat has assisted clients with technology infrastructure supporting models and completed a wide range of model validation projects for clients whose business practices rely on credit models, interest-rate models, prepayment models, income simulation models, and whole loan valuation models. 
Prior to RiskSpan, Pat was an executive with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage where he was responsible for the management of a multibillion-dollar, non-agency mortgage securitization program for a national financial institution. In this role, Pat was responsible for the oversight and monitoring of contractual securitization terms and the repurchase process related to non-agency loans.

Pat holds an MBA from Loyola College and a BS from the United States Naval Academy.
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