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A Comprehensive Model Risk Management and Governance Platform

RS Monitor is the outgrowth of RiskSpan’s many years of advisory interactions with model governance professionals seeking a centralized solution for managing model risk management activities without resorting to spreadsheets.

Unlike expensive GRC frameworks, most of which were not designed with model risk management in mind, RS Monitor provides a simple, clean, and cost-effective interface for cataloging and warehousing model documentation, including key model assumptions and limitations, performance monitoring outcomes, validation artifacts and reports, and issues remediation.

In addition to its attractive model validation storage and maintenance capabilities, RS Monitor facilitates model risk management planning activities, including scheduling and notification functions, as well as issues tracking across the entire model inventory based on assigned model attributes. It also features a powerful BI tool for reporting on past, current, and forthcoming model validation activities.


  • Model Inventory, including risk rating and a fully configurable library of pre-populated and customizable model characteristics
  • Model Documentation Repository, with key assumptions and limitations called out, reducing the need to comb through documents
  • Validation Scheduler, including notification of upcoming and overdue activities
  • Model Performance Monitoring Tracking, including storage of ongoing tests, data sets and model validation reports
  • Change Management, including tracking approvals for model updates

Configurable Dashboards and Alerts

  • Customized reports of model inventory, validation status, performance monitoring, and issue remediation.
  • Approval status of proposed model update
  • Validation scheduler, assists in aligning resources with upcoming validation needs
  • Alerts, when validations, issue remediation, or other requirements approach or pass their due date

The RiskSpan Advantage

  • Dedicated model validation group
  • Rapid implementation
  • Custom reporting setup
  • Transparency (not a black box)

  • RiskSpan's cloud analytics platform solutions are developed and deployed on AWS.