RS Edge-Data discovery tool

RiskSpan’s “Data Discovery Tool” RS Edge, enables access to billions of rows of mortgage performance data from the web browser on your computer or mobile device.  Our proprietary search and retrieval technology and infinitely scalable back-end data center allows for (super) fast querying and ad-hoc analysis on-demand.

CPR vs. Factor Date Bucket

CPR vs. Factor Date Bucket

Derive hidden insights by analyzing one of our several hosted mortgage and consumer loan data sets or benchmark against your own data. RiskSpan’s quants, analysts and subject matter experts have developed insightful and relevant canned analytics and reports which are available to you with a single click.

For system integration needs, all of RiskSpan’s products are also available to our clients through APIs and web services.


  • Flexible Query Tool
  • User-Defined Buckets
  • Compare Trends Across Cohorts
  • Compare Servicer Behavior
  • Compare Multiple Securities


  • Visualize Data with Integrated Graphing
  • Research New Prepayment Trends
  • Create User-Defined Tables of Data
  • Export Graphs for Marketing to Clients


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Custom Data Portfolio Implementation:

If you service residential mortgages and need to benchmark your loan performance against agency performance, RiskSpan can support your needs quickly and without the hassle of managing an internal IT team.

CPR vs. Refi Incentive Incentive Bucket

CPR vs. Refi Incentive Incentive Bucket

For the same access price as our Individual and Enterprise licenses, plus a negotiated fee for the custom data configuration and straight pass-through pricing on cloud infrastructure, we can have you up and running in less than a tenth the time of your in-house IT shop.

Our web-based custom solutions are fully-secure and meet the IT security requirements of GLBA. RiskSpan manages IT to ISO Standard 27001 and 27002:2005. 



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