RiskSpan's data analytics software is built to analyze historical loan (performance) metrics, while allowing users to predict and forecast under a range of economic scenarios. Its flexible user interface lets you easily compare a range of different loan performance data.

Users can analyze proprietary loan information for residential mortgages, including loan pre-payment and credit performance. RiskSpan hosts a range of commercial and loan performance data, offering you unsurpassed access to current and historical data on Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac loans and pools.  RS Edge is also the software behind our comprehensive CECL modeling solution.

Access and analyze mortgage origination, issuance, and prepayment data today!

Access the Data

RiskSpan’s cloud-based data and analytics platform (RS Edge) supports the management and analysis of historical loan and securities performance and provides predictive analytics as well as data visualization.  We deliver a competitive advantage by empowering our clients to make accurate, powerful decisions based on facts.  Your data can be your highest-performing asset.

  • Manage risk, increase performance, and deliver outstanding service to clients
  • Utilize integrated performance data, valuation analytics and modeling solutions for your proprietary loans and securities
  • Discover a new level of efficiency, speed, and access – all under one platform – for your market data, commercial data, and proprietary client data
  • Access Mortgage Agency data and performance trends through an intuitive UI
  • Provide seamless integration with Rstudio for statistical analysis and Artificial Intelligence tools
  • Perform scenario analysis and stress-testing across structured products and other assets using RiskSpan's sophisticated predictive models
  • Analyze vast, complex data sets over time and across trends to surface valuable insights
  • Derive conclusions from data and analytics with interactive dashboards and rich informative data visualization

5+ Billion Records

20+ Commercial
Data Sets

Process in Seconds

RiskSpan delivers end-to-end software solutions for data management, analytics, and visualization.  We use a highly secure, fast, and fully scalable platform that has earned the trust of the industry’s largest firms.  Combined with sophisticated predictive models and analytics, we provide you the tools to gain powerful insights and a competitive advantage. 

Our software solutions open a window to overcoming your most difficult business challenges. Whether you're struggling with current expected credit loss modeling, investment risk management, or model governance, RiskSpan has the solution for you.  Organize large data sets, upload your own loan data files, run complex and customized models, and create intuitive reports, all through a single portal.

  • Ingest, integrate, store, manage, and analyze disparate datasets
  • Rethink data and analytics—RiskSpan’s platform integrates operational and transaction data in both structured and unstructured formats through its proprietary NoSql platform
  • Integrate data better, faster, and with less cost
  • Manage all of your data using cloud-based technology, supported by our specialists who truly understand mortgage and structured products

Overcome Slow Data Transfer

  • Resolve and integrate current data spread at disconnected silos
  • Increase the speed of required analysis and business operations

Managed Data Service

  • Fully maintained, validated, customized and formatted to your specific systems
  • Ready-to-use on day one
  • Consistent, higher-quality data at faster speeds
  • Streamlined and scalable platform
  • Enables cost-effective sourcing from disparate sources

Private Databases

  • Source, combine, store, access, query, and distribute large volumes of complex data – we can build and maintain it for you
  • Quickly access your secure, fully-customized investment management data
  • Easily configure to meet changing business needs

Data Management Software Solutions for Risk and Analytics

One Platform
Data Management,
Predictive Analytics
and Data Visualization

Data Management

  • Aggregate Disparate Data
  • Validation & Normalization
  • Cloud-based Platform

Predictive Analytics

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Proprietary Models
  • Machine-learning

Data Visualization

  • Self-serve Analysis
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Outsourced Services
  • Risk Management ✓

  • Portfolio Analysis ✓

  • Trading ✓

  • Loss Forecasting ✓

  • Revenue Generation ✓

data managed rs edge

Commercial Data
Sources Managed by

(current, historical, and portfolio)

Data & Analytics

Big Data

Our software allows many data sets to be integrated, hosted, normalized and managed.

Data Ingestion

  • Loan portfolio data
  • Securities data
  • Credit data
  • Credit Bureau data
  • Economic data
  • T&Cs
  • Reg AB
  • Unstructured data – servicing notes, twitter, complaints, LinkedIn, and other sources

 Data Exploration Tools

  • RS Tools
  • High charts
  • RS AI
  • IBM Watson and other AI tools

Predictive Analytics

  • RS Models
  • Open Source integration for predictive modeling– “R“

Cash-Flow Models

  • Open source cash-flow models, Python or other.
  • Intex

Data Discovery Tool

RS Edge is RiskSpan’s official “Data Discovery Tool”, enabling access to billions of rows of mortgage performance data from your desktop or mobile web browser.  Our proprietary search-and-retrieval technology and infinitely-scalable, back-end data center allows for extremely fast querying and ad-hoc, on-demand analysis.

Derive hidden insights by analyzing one of our several hosted mortgage and consumer loan data sets, or benchmark against your own data. RiskSpan’s quants, analysts and subject matter experts have developed insightful, canned analytics and reports, now available to you with a single click.

RiskSpan’s system integration products are also available to our clients through APIs and web services.

Prepayment Data Discovery BI Tool

  • Utilize Flexible Query Tool
  • Customize User-defined Buckets
  • Compare Trends Across Cohorts
  • Compare Servicer Behavior
  • Compare Multiple Securities

Data Visualization

  • Visualize Data with Integrated Graphing
  • Research New Pre-payment Trends
  • Create User-Defined Tables of Data
  • Export Customized Charts & Graphs for Marketing Purposes

Custom Deployments

We offer custom Data Portfolio Implementation.  If you service residential mortgages and need to benchmark your loan performance against agency performance, RiskSpan will support your needs quickly and without the hassle of managing an internal IT team.

You can be up-and-running in a fraction of the time it may take your current in-house IT support. RiskSpan offers this service for the same access price as our Individual and Enterprise licenses, along with a negotiated fee for your custom data configuration and pass-through pricing on cloud infrastructure.  Our web-based, custom solutions are fully-secure, and meet the IT security requirements of GLBA.

RiskSpan manages IT to ISO Standard 27001 and 27002:2005.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

RiskSpan's cloud analytics platform solutions are developed and deployed on AWS.