Obtain confidence through governance, mitigate operational and enterprise risk to enhance your competitive advantage and drive cost savings. Our governance services help you manage model risk, increase reliability of data, and improve internal controls on a unified platform.

Model Risk Management

RiskSpan has provided model risk management support to financial services companies including commercial banks of all sizes, Government Sponsored Enterprises, the Federal Home Loan Banks, rating agencies, asset managers, and mortgage servicers.

In addition to leveraging a team of experienced Ph. D. economists, statisticians, and other analysts to deliver a range of model validation services, RiskSpan helps clients develop and maintain entire model governance platforms that include policy development and implement best practices for model risk management. Our model risk management engagements are driven by relevant regulatory guidance: OCC 2011-12, FRB SR 11-7, FHFA AB 2013-7, and SEC Rule 240.17g-8. Our professionals’ fluency with and experience implementing these regulations, combined with an extensive library of data and analytical tools and proprietary models that can be leveraged for effective benchmarking and back-testing, make RiskSpan a uniquely qualified partner for all of your model validation and model risk management needs. 

Risk and Compliance

Expanding regulatory requirements and an increasingly dynamic risk environment have prompted many organizations to increase the number and scope of risk management activities across all three lines of defense:

  1. Line of Business Management Control
  2. Risk and Compliance Oversight
  3. Internal Audit

While each line of defense has different stakeholders, they share the ultimate objective of providing assurance that controls are designed and operating effectively.

RiskSpan follows a disciplined approach to develop solutions for all three lines of defense. We optimize risk, compliance, and audit activities to enhance risk intelligence, decision making, and business value. Specific offerings include:

  • Risk: Enterprise Risk Management Optimization; Capability Maturity Assessment and Process Optimization; Process Transformation and Consolidation; Risk and Control Assessment; Policies and Procedures Review and Development
  • Compliance: AML and BSA; Basel Committee on Banking Supervision; Dodd Frank Act; Continuous Monitoring; Compliance Risk Management Optimization

Finance and Accounting Controls

Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL): Life-of-loan default and prepayment modeling across a range of loan types is a core competency. RiskSpan’s analytical tools and process expertise make us an ideal partner for contemplating and working through the finance and accounting, data management, credit, and modeling challenges associated with CECL implementation.

Capital Planning: We can help transform Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) activities from a quarterly/annual project into a repeatable and reliable process. We help design an integrated process of data compilation, calculation, and report generation and submissions.