Riskspan's CECL-Related Capabilities

As a CECL partner, RiskSpan can assist with data organization, portfolio stratification, model development, and loss reserving. CECL requires coordination among different departments. RiskSpan’s core competencies consist of finance and accounting, credit risk modeling, technology and data infrastructure. Our firm can share expertise and align efforts across departments to solve challenges that might arise as a result of CECL requirements.

CECL involves well-structured data and modeling. A few notes on RiskSpan’s expertise in these areas:

  1. Modeling: Established frameworks and expertise in analyzing loan performance, developing custom models and integrating off-the-shelf solutions.
  2. Data Management: Domain knowledge in data intake, storage, and optimized extraction for loan performance analytics.

Additional benefits of RiskSpan offerings include: multiple asset classes, supportable prepayment assumptions, supportable economic forecasts (or the ability to use your own assumptions), sound processes and controlled environments to satisfy regulators, and hosted solutions that are secure and cost-effective.

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