Sourcing Mortgage Data for Easier Mortgage Analytics

With RiskSpan's Benchmarking Tool, you'll have agency mortgage origination data at your fingertips. Slice and dice mortgage data to gain insight into trends and benchmark your own origination metrics.

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Mortgage Analytics: Prepayment Speeds and Issuance Characteristics

Compare MBS data released by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Organized by mortgage originator, analyze tabular representations of the data to surface new insights.

The report also includes RiskSpan's analysis of the data, citing important insights and providing useful visuals.

April 2017 Report Now Available!

RS Edge is a loan performance analytics platform, supporting the management and analytics of historical loan and fixed income securities data.

Our cloud-based platform enables you to make accurate decisions based on insights into historical trends and powerful forecasts run under a range of economic scenarios. Analyze our hosted loan data sets, upload your own loan data files, run complex and customized models, and create intuitive reports, all within a single platform. Our intuitive UI gives you unprecedented access to mortgage data and performance trends and provides seamless integrations with Rstudio and artificial intelligence tools. RS Edge empowers non-technical business analysts to derive insights that would otherwise require technical expertise.

RiskSpan's Proprietary Historical Analysis Model

RiskSpan's proprietary historical analysis model gathers and stores Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae pool- and loan-level data, allowing users to perform analysis on a variety of filters.

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