RiskSpan Culture

We have a distinct culture at RiskSpan. It might sound like corporate boilerplate – but it’s true. Are you a good fit for the company? Here is a list of our values, and what we care about when we recruit members for our team.

Master Competence or Willingness to Achieve It

Our senior and mid-level people are experts in one or more technical competencies. Our more junior people are the brightest and smartest working in our field. We have a culture where we all learn from each other. We ask each other for help and we support individual career growth.

Roll Up Your Sleeves Entrepreneurialism

The people at RiskSpan look at the company as a platform for launching big new things. We appreciate people who see the opportunity in this and get excited when they do. We are looking for people who wish to make big plays and people who wish to focus on constant, continuous, improvement. Tying these threads together are people who raise their hands first and say “I’ll do it. Here’s my team and here’s what I’m going to do.”

Analytical and Communication Smarts

We like numbers and frameworks and elegant communication about our ordered thinking. It takes an analytical bent to pull these things together for our clients. We seek people who have academic and industry training in engineering, computer science, math, economics and finance, but are also good, clear communicators.


We have a metric-based performance and accountability culture that makes it possible for our teams to support flexibility and creativity in our work structures. A completely straight example – we do not want you sitting in traffic for an hour and a half at 6pm – we want to solve our clients’ problems. When client needs are fully supported, we understand that flexibility (including re-boot hours and telecommuting) benefits all of us.

Professional Sense of Humor

Work is stressful sometimes. We have demanding clients and very high standards for ourselves. We place a high-priority on finding team members who know how to get through a tough day with dry wit and self-deprecating humor. Our colleagues know how to manage through challenging situations while holding on to some perspective.

Deep Industry Expertise

We’ve built a team that is well-recognized as having deep expertise in the Consumer and Institutional Finance industries – with a focus on Data Management, Modeling and Analytics, Operational Advisory, and Enterprise Technology Solutions. We have a place at RiskSpan for well-regarded, well-networked experts and those that are seeking to become experts in these fields.