We help data professionals better organize, manage and optimize proprietary and public data – all on one platform – to find a new level of efficiency, speed and access.

Our view is that data management problems are at the root of some our industry's hardest business and compliance problems. RiskSpan's enterprise technology group applies our advanced expertise in cloud-based and on-premise data management design, implementation, deployment and maintenance to client data initiatives. RiskSpan has a deep specialization in financial data management for modeling, data analytics and business intelligence applications. For more than 15 years, our team has led the industry in complex data modernization and data management initiatives.

Data Systems Integration

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RiskSpan has over a decade of experience managing data for our clients in the financial services industry. Our most successful projects fall in the following domains:

  • Data Modernization Planning (Cloud and On-Premise/Hybrid Options)
  • Data Governance/Data Management Maturity Model
  • Data Systems Architecture and Design
  • Multi-source Data Integration
  • Business Requirements and Testing
  • Data System and Application Implementation
  • Unstructured Text Analytics
  • Structured Data Analytic

Big Data Challenge

If you and your team have been thinking about big data and your specific data management needs - you are probably well aware of the three Vs.

Volume. More data (more problems). An ever expanding list of data that is available and data that is missing. How do you make a good choice about which data problem to solve first?

Velocity. Data coming at you faster than your systems and people can handle. Can you keep up?

Variety. The integration of structured and unstructured data, and successful multi-source integration of data is the big opportunity for your business. But, very hard to do with a team that doesn't understand financial services and capital markets. Where do you even start?

Data-Driven Value

Risk Management Value. Regulators and investors are asking for more data and information about risk than ever before. This fundamental change in the market may not be supported by your existing data systems. We can help by quickly assessing and solving your data management problems without interruption to your existing deployments and in a time-frame and budget that is more competitive than our big-name peers.

Business Management Value. We believe that in fulfilling the risk management requirements our clients are required to address, they can leverage that investment into a business management advantage. With experienced leaders from RiskSpan, you can turn a cost-center into an investment with actual business returns.

RS Production Analytics Center

RiskSpan's Analytics Center is located in Charleston, South Carolina. Planned, developed, and launched to serve the on-shore needs of clients that had previously relied on off-shore or US rural-sourced data management and business intelligence solutions - RiskSpan is upending the business model for risk advisory services and platform services to deliver unmatched value to clients.

Our View

Whether you are looking to identify and implement a new BI toolset or have already chosen and invested in tools and infrastructure, the Data Analytics and BI tools that are in the market are most effective when wielded by consultants recruited from your industry. This is our model. 

Our experienced teams are experts at deriving business insight and reporting value from your internal and external systems. Our qualifications include measurement, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and knowledge management BI applications in the consumer finance and capital markets industries.


Data and BI Systems Integration and Production Management

RiskSpan develops custom business intelligence and reporting solutions that enable our clients to leverage data from their existing data infrastructure (or standup new data infrastructure) to evaluate performance and gain business insight across multiple dimensions. Our business intelligence solutions provide for robust analysis and configurable and comprehensive reporting capabilities with no disruption to existing data schemas.


Tools and Infrastructure

RiskSpan's professionals are experts in a variety of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) tools, design and build custom applications, and are knowledge leaders in the Enterprise technology stacks that drive today's most competitive businesses. We have over a decade of experience in cloud-based systems and data architecture, as well as on-premise deployment qualifications.

Wherever your IT sits - we are there to turn data into decision-ready business information.