CECL’s core requirements are new to many institutions and most vendors. For 15 years, global institutions have relied on RiskSpan's credit models for the kind of life-of-loan, econometric forecasts that CECL now requires. Our customers use our life-of-loan credit models for investing decisions, risk management, and mark-to-model accounting. Now, we introduce a CECL solution that integrates our hallmark data and modeling expertise with an accounting engine and report package for a controlled, auditable, end-to-end solution to your accounting challenge.

RiskSpan can help.

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A Comprehensive Solution

Our CECL solution delivers the technology platform and consulting services to take you from where you are today to producing ongoing, audit-ready CECL estimates.

Our consulting team is available to assist pre-implementation in developing your roadmap, resolving data gaps, and updating accounting policies.

Our dedicated CECL platform executes your monthly loss reserving and reporting process under the new CECL standard, covering data intake, segmentation, modeling, and report generation within a single platform.

CECL-Specific Expertise

  • Life-of-loan loss forecasts
  • Econometric modeling
  • Long-range prepayment assumptions
  • Obtaining defensible macroeconomic forecasts (including local forecasts)
  • Augmenting internal data to create large, representative datasets spanning a full economic cycle

An End-to-End Platform

  • RiskSpan's scalable, cloud-based platform offers a CECL-specific module to estimate your lifetime losses across all asset types and methodologies using in-house or custom models.
    • Intuitive interface for data and assumption input, model execution, and report generation
    • Flexibility to customize models
    • Secure, controlled environment

Reporting Package

  • Loan- and Pool-Level ALLL
  • Required Disclosures
  • Explanatory Board Reports
  • Model Diagonostics
  • Assumptions Summary
  • Integration to BI tools
  • Custom Reporting