Discover how data can be your highest-performing asset to manage risk and increase performance. RiskSpan helps financial professionals find a clear path through vast amounts of data, delivering precise analytics to understand it and the right technology to manage it.

From loan data management and analytics to governance, RiskSpan takes a holistic approach to help financial professionals maximize how they use data to create smarter, more productive and competitive businesses. 

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By organizing, structuring and presenting data how you need it most, RiskSpan’s data solutions inform data analysts with insights and facts. We help optimize disparate datasets – all on one platform – to find a new level of efficiency, speed and most importantly, access.




Sophisticated models enable financial professionals to analyze complex data over time and across trends to surface valuable insights. Calculate VaR, monitor risk actions, and perform scenario analysis and stress testing across structured products and other securities. 


Obtain confidence through governance, mitigate operational and enterprise risk to help you drive cost savings, and enhance your competitive advantage. Our services help you manage model risk and improve internal controls on a unified risk management platform.