RiskSpan delivers end-to-end solutions for data management, analytics, and visualization on a highly secure, fast, and fully-scalable platform that has earned the trust of the industry’s largest firms. Our flexible technology is capable of hosting and integrating market data and commercial data with proprietary client data.

Combined with sophisticated predictive models and analytics, we provide you the tools to gain powerful insights and a competitive advantage.

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RiskSpan's data analytic software supports analysis of historical loan data while allowing users to leverage predictive analytics to analyze forecasts under a range of economic scenarios.  The data discovery software offers a flexible user interface that supports the intuitive analysis of loan performance data across a range of loan types. 

Supporting residential mortgages, a user can analyze both loan prepayment and credit performance. In addition to client proprietary loan data, RiskSpan hosts a range of commercial data and loan performance data offering users unsurpassed access to current and historical data on Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac loans and pools.

RS Edge is also the software behind our comprehensive CECL modeling solution.



A secure, fast, and fully scalable Risk Service for investments, RiskSpan delivers actionable risk analytics and enables portfolio managers to monitor and act on risk information across multiple asset classes and instrument types.

RiskSpan is the only provider of risk management software that covers a full universe of securities, including asset-backed securities, derivatives, and structured credit. Full revaluation is performed across scenarios, Value-at-Risk, and stress tests.

RiskSpan's cloud analytics platform solutions are developed and deployed on AWS. The RiskSpan development team is a SCRUM Agile development methodology organization.

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