Published Date: September 2014

Reducing The Cost Of Model Validation Programs

Across the financial services industry, increased oversight has led to significant increases in expenses related to assessing and monitoring risk. We see over and over that institutions are weighted with significantly higher r [MORE]

Published Date: August 2014

Allen Jones, a managing director at RiskSpan, a Washington mortgage-data consulting firm, and a former B of A executive, said Moynihan, 54, can now return to the bread-and-butter business of serving customers.

"He's done the hard work and now he can focus on rebuilding the core businesses [MORE]

Published Date: August 2014

Allen H. Jones, a managing director of RiskSpan, a mortgage data consulting company in Washington, said the estimate of a 20 percent elevated default risk is in line with his company’s observations. He also sees loan servicers that are reaching out to borrowers getting better-than-expected result [MORE]

Published Date: August 2014

Mortgage Conduits Pushing Into Non-QM Space

Many mortgage originators and aggregators seeking increased production and higher margins are turning to non-QM lending.  As an advisor to many of these companies, RiskSpan has unique insight into the current market standards and [MORE]

Published Date: July 2014

RiskSpan concluded its summer college intern program this week as undergrads begin preparing their return to campus for the fall semester. This was RiskSpan's first summer college intern program and it looks ahead to next summer to start identifying outstanding undergraduates who are interested i [MORE]

Published Date: May 2014

RiskSpan, a recognized industry-leading advisory firm, sponsored and led a Dodd Frank Symposium on May 19th, tailored to residential mortgage audit and compliance participants. The Symposium was hosted by the “Institute of Internal Auditors Pittsburgh Chapter” at the prestigious Rivers Club in Pi [MORE]